I'm Helen, and I'm passionate about helping you take steps towards positive changes in your life.


As a qualified, experienced coach, I help people set and achieve goals in their career and personal life.

I do this by asking questions to help them decide where they want to make changes. Coaching gives people an opportunity to be listened to. It gives them time to think about what they really want. My role isn’t to give advice, but to help clients come up with their own solutions. I act as a safe-sounding board for them to explore ideas with.

Often we can have negative beliefs about ourselves that we can’t do something. Coaching can help you see where you might be doing this. It can help you find the self-belief that you can do something. It can help you think of new options you might not have considered before. It can help you determine what is important to you in life and what you value.

I am trained in NLP coaching and believe that we all have the resources within us to make changes. Sometimes we just need some help tapping into these.

Sometimes clients only need one session to make progress towards a specific goal. Typically, a client will have 3 to 4 sessions. The first coaching session is spent looking at the overall goal. Subsequent sessions are spent breaking this down into actions. Small steps are often the key.

We agree tasks for you to work on between sessions which will help you make progress. Together we look at what may be preventing you from reaching your goals and how you could overcome this.

I am there to help you take steps towards change and at each session we will talk about how things have gone. I will be there to encourage you and share your successes.

For interview coaching I give clients the opportunity to practise answering questions in a ‘mock’ situation and then reflect on what is working well and what they may want to improve. I help clients to find ways of managing interview nerves and to feel more confident about the process.


Coaching sessions usually last between 45 minutes and an hour. Sessions take place over the phone or Zoom.

I follow up all coaching sessions with an email detailing what actions we have agreed and links to any useful resources. To find out more about coaching with me, you can call for an initial free chat. I can tell you more about the coaching process and we can talk about what you want to gain from it.